About Us

MAC Network Services was founded in 2000 as the electrical, networking and telecoms arm of an office solutions company on the Western Isles.

Working in the uniquely challenging environment of the Scottish Highlands and Islands, our early networking and telecom projects gave us a unique understanding of mobile telecommunication infrastructure, along with microwave broadband networks which are important to provide remote areas with internet connectivity.

MAC Networks continued to grow in the areas of reactive and planned maintenance, and subsequently expanded into upgrade and installation for an ever widening client base.

Through engaging with major clients and contractors in every part of Scotland, our experience, knowledge and technical expertise is unparalleled – from our enthusiastic approach to our engineers.

We now have bases in Stornoway and Glasgow, and we also have strategically-placed engineers all over Scotland including the Highlands and Islands who are just waiting for your call.

Our list of clients is impressive, including all the major providers and principal contractors in the telecoms sector.

We are a trusted partner who cares about our clients’ interests and offer a unique range of electrical and Telecom engineering across Scotland and beyond.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for a partner that understands the dynamic nature of the telecoms sector, someone who you can rely on for exacting technical expertise in the most challenging locations, and a partner that understands the true meaning of operational health & safety, then here at MAC we will strive to exceed your expectations.