Case Studies

Case Studies

Our Ongoing Projects

Beacon Project

MAC have carried out over 300 site installations for clients covering the Landing, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of both Ericsson and Huawei BTS. Sites have been from The tip of the Shetland Isles to the heart of Lancashire.

DARWIN Project

Electrical enabling works being carried out all over Mainland Scotland and the Islands.  This works included site surveying, Electrical installations and testing and civils works on compounds. 3 pics for Darwin

ESN Project

MAC currently in the middle of an extensive Network upgrade to facilitate the new Emergency Services Network  project. This has seen MAC engaged in Survey, Design, installation, commissioning and testing of all electrical works associated with this prime project. MAC have been busy with Civil Works including concrete bases for Generators and  PSU Cabinets, trenching and ducting works, Compound and Fencing enclosures.


MAC have built and installed around 40 SAMI/O sites throughout Scotland including LDF 450, feeder cable install and site RF Testing and plot capture.

Client Case Studies


Londonderry, Northern Ireland

MAC attended site following an emergency call due to flood storm damage. As can be seen from the initial site visit pics the site was extensively damaged and dangerous.

MAC engineers tested and disconnected AC Supply to site, then began the clean up operation as shown. MAC civils redefined the compound and installed new fencing. MAC then had a complete new steel platform and grillage manufactured and delivered over to the Northern Ireland site.

Installation of all steelworks and subsequent installation all equipment including FCOA, SAMO, Link AC and Huawei BTS happened over a short period and a steel support structure to raise the REC supply was also manufactured and installed.

All electrical and integration works were carried out and we are proud to say site is now fully functional and is resistant to any future flash flood storms.


Isle of Lewis

Following months of damage to the fragile access track and the surrounding hillside by others, the community of Carloway and EE agreed that a new road to site and extensive repairs to the damage hillside was required in order to properly access the site to allow vital upgrade works to be carried out in line with the Emergency Services Project.

MAC engineers agreed a design of road with the local stakeholders and once approved went to work to ensure that safe passage to site would be available and that the local environment and livestock would be safe and protected.

The pics below show the before and after positions which was commended by the local community and the clients alike.


Isle of Lewis

This is an extremely high and remote strategic site controlled by the NATS organisation.

The site requires upgrade works for the essential Emergency Services Network. This has seen a tremendous amount of works in this remote area carried out in conjunction with the client and NATS.

Given the difficulty of the access it was deemed that a helicopter lift to assist in vital foundation strengthening works was required.

Working with Daly International and PDG Helicopters all works were completed efficiently and safely whilst paying attention to the designated no-fly zones vital to NATS for transatlantic Air Traffic Control.